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This is a beautiful pink pearl bracelet. Will fit between 6 and 7 inch wrist. The healing aspects and symbo bridal jewelrylic meaning o bridal jewelryf a pearl are numero bridal jewelryus. Pearls have a so bridal jewelryo bridal jewelrything influence. Pearls are said to bridal jewelry reduce o bridal jewelryver sensitivity and pro bridal jewelrymo bridal jewelryte peacefulness. They have a way o bridal jewelryf lifting o bridal jewelryur spirits. Pearls also bridal jewelry bring o bridal jewelryut purity, ho bridal jewelrynesty and integrity, plus feeling o bridal jewelryf beauty, dignity and calm. Pearls symbo bridal jewelrylize and stimulate feminity, feminine wisdo bridal jewelrym and charity. It is said that pearls are particularly in tune with pregnant wo bridal jewelrymen. Over time pearls have beco bridal jewelryme the symbo bridal jewelryl o bridal jewelryf purity, inno bridal jewelrycence and mo bridal jewelrydesty. Pearls are o bridal jewelryften asso bridal jewelryciated with brides. Pearls is said to bridal jewelry lessen stress. Pearls help us get in to bridal jewelryuch with the simple, ho bridal jewelrynest things in life. Pearls are the o bridal jewelryldest kno bridal jewelrywn gems. Pearls have been co bridal jewelrynsidered the mo bridal jewelryst valuable gem fo bridal jewelryr centuries. Actually pearls are gems like no bridal jewelry o bridal jewelryther. They are derived fro bridal jewelrym a living creature, mo bridal jewelryllusks, and are essentially o bridal jewelryrganic matter. Because they are so bridal jewelry o bridal jewelryld, pearls are surro bridal jewelryunded by traditio bridal jewelryns. The pink pearl represents ro bridal jewelrymance, passio bridal jewelryn, faith, and lo bridal jewelryve. It is perfect fo bridal jewelryr the yo bridal jewelryunger wo bridal jewelryman o bridal jewelryr debutantes. FREE SHIPPING!!!!

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