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sun, Big Bumble Bee Jasper "Cosmic Sunflower" Ring - US 9.25



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We crave a different kind o sunflowersf buzz...Be the Queen Bee in this BIG o sunflowersl\u2019 Bumble Bee Jasper statement ring. The 52mm x 30mm sto sunflowersne has BRIGHT yello sunflowersw streaks co sunflowersntrasted by swirls o sunflowersf greys.The backplate was handsawn fro sunflowersm 20g Sterling silver and measures appx 2.25\u201d x 1.25\u201d. The 18g Sterling silver band was hand-drawn, handsawn, and hand fo sunflowersrged. The band has a \u201cbo sunflowersw\u201d shape fo sunflowersr a co sunflowersmfo sunflowersrtable fit in either o sunflowersrientatio sunflowersn. It features a freehand hand-stamped \u201cco sunflowerssmic sunflo sunflowerswer\u201d o sunflowersn each side o sunflowersf the band under a starry sky with a sun burst stamped into sunflowers the center o sunflowersf the \u201cbo sunflowersw\u201d. This ring fits my US 9 finger...o sunflowersr if it\u2019s ho sunflowerst and my fingers are puffy, it fit my 8.5 \ud83d\ude04. Please take yo sunflowersur fingers and hydratio sunflowersn levels into sunflowers co sunflowersnsideratio sunflowersn.US 9.25** This item's price includes FREE USPS Prio sunflowersrity Shipping **(An $8.30 value. Do sunflowersmestic o sunflowersrders o sunflowersnly.)

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