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earrings, NEW FOR 2020! Albino Leopard Gecko Lizard Reptile Handcrafted Plastic Earrings Fashion Novelty Unique Gift for Gecko Lover



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New fo valentine giftr 2020! ALBINO GECKO's! Charms are handcrafted o valentine giftf lightweight yet durable plastic (Shrinky Dinks) abo valentine giftut as thick as a nickel. Please allo valentine giftw 5 business days fo valentine giftr yo valentine giftur item to valentine gift ship as mo valentine giftst are made to valentine gift o valentine giftrder. I do valentine gift no valentine giftt do valentine gift custo valentine giftm requests. If a particular animal isn't listed, it's no valentine giftt available. The back o valentine giftf the charm is clear so valentine gift there is a subtle view o valentine giftf the fro valentine giftnt image. Each plastic charm is co valentine giftated with a Glo valentine giftss Acrylic which makes them water resistant but no valentine giftt waterpro valentine gifto valentine giftf so valentine gift please do valentine giftn't wear them in the sho valentine giftwer o valentine giftr po valentine gifto valentine giftl. Earrings co valentine giftme in the style as pictured.I use nickel-free fish ho valentine gifto valentine giftk earwires and studs/po valentine giftsts. I perso valentine giftnally HANDCRAFT the charms, I make no valentine gift claim that they are o valentine giftfficial pieces. Buy with co valentine giftnfidence, if fo valentine giftr any reaso valentine giftn yo valentine giftu are unhappy with yo valentine giftur o valentine giftrder please co valentine giftntact me so valentine gift I may reso valentine giftlve any issues befo valentine giftre leaving DSR ratings o valentine giftr feedback. To valentine gifttal custo valentine giftmer satisfactio valentine giftn is impo valentine giftrtant to valentine gift me. Please No valentine giftte: Earrings co valentine giftntain small pieces that co valentine giftuld be a cho valentine giftking hazard to valentine gift small children. Please co valentine giftntact me with any further questio valentine giftns. Thank yo valentine giftu!

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