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dog, Ziggy Charms and Pins Rainbow Skating Hanging from a Star Fuzz the Dog Heart Vintage Cartoon Comic Love Valentine



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These are go skatingld plated and enamel charms and pins dated fro skatingm aro skatingund 1979. They were fo skatingund in a bo skatingx o skatingf charms all dated fro skatingm that time. They all have a To skatingm Wilso skatingn Pro skatingductio skatingns Co skatingpyright o skatingn the back so skating they are o skatingfficial Items. These are no skatingt new items and altho skatingugh they are in near mint co skatingnditio skatingn they still have so skatingme age to skating them. The charms are Appro skatingx 3/4 an inch to skating an inch big. Ziggy sitting o skatingn a rainbo skatingw is the smallest.PLEASE NOTE: The last Ziggy Skating pin I have has a little bit o skatingf cracking in the enamel. Yo skatingu can o skatingnly see it clo skatingse up and it do skatingesn't take away fro skatingm the pin. It is what I wo skatinguld co skatingnsider no skatingrmal aging fo skatingr a 40 year o skatingld pin. I will ship this item in a card and envelo skatingpe First Class Mail. If yo skatingu have any questio skatingns please let me kno skatingw ahead o skatingf time. Thanks fo skatingr lo skatingo skatingking!

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